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Sittingbourne Tennis Club is a welcoming club, and while tennis has its official rules, the club is also responsible for setting standards and values to ensure that everyone enjoys the game and shows consideration for their opponents and other players using the courts.
We would therefore like to remind you that it is important to be mindful of court etiquette, a broad range of actions and behaviours which are traditionally considered acceptable and signify good tennis sportsmanship. 
Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these guidelines; we believe that everyone will enjoy the game so much more if these are observed.


  • Please wear recognised sports clothing, in particular it is recommended that tennis shoes are worn to provide the correct grip and avoid accidents and injury.
  • Please ensure that racket covers, ball cans, bags etc. are stored out of the way.
  • Please remove any litter from the courts and deposit in the appropriate receptacle or take home with you for disposal.
  • Please close the gate behind you when you enter or leave the courts. If you are the last person to leave the courts, please replace the padlock to secure the premises.


  • All members are expected to be inclusive and welcoming. During organised club night sessions stronger players are expected to adjust their style of play accordingly when playing with or against weaker players.
  • When crossing courts please do so at the rear of the court and not at the net. Please do not walk behind players whilst a game or a rally is in progress, wait until the point is over and then cross as quickly as possible. This is to avoid distracting other members and most importantly to avoid any potential accidents.
  • If a ball goes on to another court, please wait until their point is finished before asking for it back or retrieving it yourself. If returning a ball to another court wait until the owners have finished playing their point and then return it to the back of their court, preferably to the server's end.
  • If your opponent misses a serve do not return the ball immediately, send it to the side or back of your side of the court to avoid distracting their second serve.
  • Always clear the court of balls before the start of each point to remove distractions and to avoid accident or injury.
  • During play and between games please keep noise to a minimum, including talking quietly and silencing mobile phones where possible, to refrain from disturbing those on adjacent courts.
  • You may wish to arrange a system to decide who brings the balls for each game. Please ensure that you mark your balls so that everyone can retain your own equipment.
  • If the courts are busy and players are waiting, please play one short set, best of 7 games, and then vacate the court to enable fair court usage.


  • To see who serves first, spin your racket or toss a coin. If you win the toss, the choice is yours. You may serve first, or you may choose to receive first or to pick which end of the court you want to start playing on, you may also decide to make your opponent choose first.
  • When serving always ensure that you have two balls ready on your side of the court.


  • When making line calls only call the lines on your side of the net. Make sure that you call clearly so that your opponent can hear the call. If you are unsure or didn't see the ball clearly, you should call in. Always respect your opponent's line call, whether you agree with it or not. If a call is disputed, you may agree to replay the point.


  • The server is responsible for keeping score. The score of the set should be clearly called out by the server before each game, and the score of the game called out before each point.